Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Ile-Bizard. For address and directions please consult the Contact Us page.

Q: Is registration mandatory? Can we just pass by?
A: We are not open to the public. We are only open for tours that take place on predefined dates and time slots. Registration for a tour is mandatory. 

Q: How long does the tour last?
A: Usually, the tours last between 45 minutes to one hour.

Q: Can we bring a dog to your farm?
A: Dogs or other animals are prohibited on our farm, even if they are in a carrier or on a leash.

Q: Can we use a stroller on the farm?
A: We recommend using a carrier (front or back) for your young children. As the ground is uneven on much of the farm, strollers are impossible to use.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Please consult "Payment and Cancellation Policy" paragraph under our Terms & Conditions page.

Q: Where do we park?
A: We don't have parking. Please park at the side of the road.

Q: What happens in case of bad weather?
A: In case of bad weather, the activity will be cancelled by Project PACE. You will be notified 1-2 hours prior to your activity. You will have a choice to reschedule your event or receive a full refund.

Q: Can we just walk on the farm and feed all the animals on our own? A: No. All our tours are guided and follow an itinerary. You will accompany our tour guides as they lead you from one activity to the next; they will share many funny and interesting facts about our animals on the way.

Q: Are gratuities included in the ticket price? A: Gratuities are not included in the ticket price. Please keep in mind that our tour guides spend a lot of time behind the scene preparing for tours. If you are pleased with the service, you are more than welcome to give a tip to our guides.

Q: What is the difference between the Farm Tour and Petting Zoo activity? A: It's almost the same. We interact with the same animals. The main difference is during Farm tours, we follow our animals' routines as opposed to the Petting Zoo. The farm tour also has a more structured format, while the Petting Zoo is more flexible.

Q: What time of year are you open/closed?
A: Our Winter Tours start around mid-December and last until mid-March. There is no exact date, as it depends on the melting snow and what the farmland conditions are, which vary year to year. 
We usually re-open for Summer Tours in mid-May. Summer Tours last until mid-October.